frequently asked questions

Hours of Operation

DAER Dayclub

Saturday | Sunday – 12PM – 6PM

Rooftop Live

Friday & Saturday – 8PM – 2AM

DAER Nightclub

Friday | Saturday - 10PM - 4AM


Where do I park when I come to DAER?

Guests are able to park at the garage on Lucky Street, right off of US R7.

What is the cover charge to get in? What is the door policy?

Cover charges may vary based on the talent, event, or DJ. DAER is a 21+ venue, and valid identificiation is required for entry. A dress code is enforced (details provided below). For non-hotel guests, entrance is at the discretion of security.

Dress Code

DAER Dayclub Dress Code

Fashionable Swim Attire NO athletic apparel, jerseys, basketball shorts, jeans, cargo shorts, no images of drug representation or drug use. All swim attire must be worn prior to entry. Management reserves the right to deny entry based on dress code.

DAER Nightclub

Upscale and trendy, doorman reserves discretion, we DO NOT permit: shorts, sandals, athletic sneakers, work boots (no timberlands), ripped / baggy clothing or athletic wear. Management reserves the right to deny entry based on dress code.

Rooftop Live Dress Code

For men: No shorts, sandals, tank tops, baseball caps. We recommend jeans, dress shirt or stylish t-shirt. No baggy or lose clothing

For women at night: No shorts. We recommend jeans and a top with flats/ heels or cocktail dress with heels

Management reserves the right to deny entry based on dress code.


What kind of music is being played?

Our music selection is generally open format, offering a variety of genres. The Friday party features tech house music, while the Saturday day party focuses on commercial house music. The Sunday day party showcases an international music format.

What time does the party end?

The nightclub and nightswim may continue till 3-4am. The dayclub ends at dusk.

Are people still in the pool at 7 o’clock at night?

Sometimes on Saturday & Sunday. Last call for food is 5:00pm, last call for alcohol is generally 7:00pm. Usually the pool is emptying out around 7:30pm.

What is included with the bungalows? Cabanas? Daybeds?

Bungalows can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably and include a large couch, portable AC unit, a table, TV, storage cabinet, private safe and 2 lounge chairs in the sun.

Cabanas can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably and include a couch, storage cabinet to store your belongings, TV and a fan.

A Daybed generally is designed for 2 people to lay out but can accommodate up to 4 people sitting comfortably. We have large beds on the pool called queen daybeds that can accommodate up to 8.

Is there a personal waitress to each table option?

Each seating area has a cocktail server and a server assistant who tends to them through their stay.

How much is a Bungalow / Cabana / Daybed ?

Pricing at DAER Dayclub starts at $4,000 for Bungalows, $3,000 for Cabanas, and $1,000 for daybeds. This pricing can fluctuate depending on the event, size of the group, the male/female ratio and availability.

What are the best days/nights to go to DAER?

Here at DAER everyday or night is a magical experience! From our amazing pool parties to our extravagant nightclub, you will make memories that last a lifetime!

Where is the entrance?

The entrance is located on the north end of the property through the Lucky Street Garage/ Valet area in the lobby. The lucky street garage can be found at the north entrance on US Highway 441.

Do I need to make reservations for a table?

Not required, but we recommend it to ensure a great table.

Are there lockers for my belongings?


How much are bottles?

Bottle prices start at $450. This varies on the type of bottle.

What comes with the bottle? Juice’s, etc. are they an extra cost?

Table service includes standard mixers, such as juices and sodas, available throughout the night. Bottled water and energy drinks are available for an additional charge.

Can we bring outside food or beverage to the daytime or nighttime events?

At no time are outside food or beverages allowed in the venue.

Is there a direct number to DAER where someone will answer?

+1 954.779.4750

Is there a pricing guide that can be sent to clients?

Please go to the "Book VIP" tab for more information.

Are hotel guests given free admission for DAER?

Hotel guests may have free admission into the venue depending on the talent that night.

What happens if it rains during Dayclub?

If there is bad weather then we would be able to move the party into our nightclub!

If a guest books a room, is there a discount on the bungalows, cabanas, or daybeds?

Hotel guest requests are always a priority above public requests, but discounts are not available at this time.

How is the Food & Beverage minimum determined? How much is it?

Minimums are determined based on the talent/DJ. (Please refer to "Book VIP" tab) Guests may choose any items from our lunch or bottle menu which will go towards the minimum. The minimum does not include tax or gratuity.

Who owns DAER Nightclub?

DAER Nightclub is owned by The Seminole Tribe and MLS Nightclubs.